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Stay in Touch

There are lots of ways to stay in touch and volunteer.  We know that winning this race will take the collaboration and a combined effort of lots of people working to get our message out!  We truly appreciate any time and energy you can share to help get an experienced educator on Mason's School Board. 

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to support Danni's campaign!   

Phone Banking

Phone banking is underway and I need your help to reach more voters.  I'll provide you with a list and a script.  All you have to do is dial and chat!  Thanks for your help! 

Postcards & Mailers

Mailers are in the works and my postcard campaign is moving along nicely, but I still need your help!  Grab the postcards, 30 at a time, write, label, stamp and mail!  This is a great task to do from the comfort of your home - and it doesn't involve much peopling!


I will take all the help I can get for canvassing!  Sign up to take a neighborhood turf on your own, with a friend or buddy up with Danni to chat up voters and make sure they know how important it is to get an educator's voice on our school board! 


Any amount is appreciated!  Campaign donations go toward signs, shirts, event participation fees, and mailers to get the word out.   Donations can be made by cash, check (made out to Friends of Danni Tymitz) or Venmo (linked below). 

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